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A.P. U.S. History / Race and Social Justice in U.S. History


A.P. U.S. History

General Handouts

  1. A.P. U.S. History Summer Assignment
  2. A.P. U.S. History Syllabus
    1. Course Outline for A.P. U.S. History
  3. A.P. U.S. History Terms List


Lecture Notes – Noontime and After School

    1. Korean War
    2. 1950s – Era of Conformity?


Unit One – Colonial Society to Constitution

  1. Legacy of Colonial America – DBQ Essay
    1. Legacy of Colonial America Essay Rubric
  2. Growing Call For Revolution
    1. Stamp Act Resolutions
  3. Ideology of the American Revolution
  4. 56 Great Risk Takers
  5. How Revolutionary Was the American Revolution?
  6. The Ratification Battle – U.S. Constitution


Unit Two – The New Republic and Stability

1.  Hamilton vs. Jefferson – Issues in the Early Republic

2.  Jefferson Video Questions

3.  Growth of American Nationalism

4.  John Quincy Adams 1st State of the Union Address – you do not need to print the article, just the questions.


Unit Three – The Rise of Jacksonian Democracy


    1. Daniel Webster and Andrew Jackson – The Continuing Rise of Sectionalism
    2. Age of Reform Investigation


Unit Four – Expansionism and The Road to the Civil War

      1. The Mexican American War and Its Effects
      2. Road to Civil War Part II (1857-1861)


Unit Five – The Civil War and Reconstruction

                1.  The Civil War and National Unity – Investigation

                2.  Reconstruction Readings and Questions

                3.  Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. DuBois readings


Unit Six – The American West

  1. The West – A Geography of Hope?


Unit Seven – The Rise of Industrialism

    1. The Age of Industrialism


Unit Eight – The United States at the Turn of the Century – Politics, Imperialism and Progressivism

      1. Issues in the Gilded Age
      2. Imperialism Documents – Josiah Strong, Albert Beveridge, and Alfred Thayer Mahan
      3. Defining Progressivism Summaries
      4. The Progressive Age - Enduring Vision and American Spirit
      5. The Progressive Online Summary Assignment


Unit Nine – World War One and its Effects

1.  Techniques of Propaganda and World War One

2.  The Battle Over The Treaty of Versailles


Unit Ten – The Roaring 20s?

  1. Conflict in the 1920s
  2. Poetry and Music of the Harlem Renaissance


Unit Eleven – The Depression and the New Deal

1.  Case Study:  The AAA and the Depression

2.  From 1st to 2nd New Deal

3.  The New Deal’s Alphabet Soup


Unit Twelve – World War Two

1.  World War Two – Prelude, Homefront and the War Questions


            1.  Tule Lake Internment

            2.  The Air War and Its Effects – from Studs Terkel’s The Good War

            2.  The Decision to Drop the Atomic Bomb

            3.  Wartime Conferences of WWII – A Summary


Unit Thirteen – Post World War II United States

1.  The Civil Rights Movement

            a.  View From the Nation and View From the Trenches Reading

2.  The United States – 1960-1988



  1. President Project – Outline and Rubric
  2. Time Capsule Project Outline and Due Dates
  3. Grade Rubric


Practice APUSH Multiple Choice

1.  2001 AP Exam Practice Test







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Race and Social Justice in U.S. History

General Handouts

  1. Race and Social Justice Terms List
  2. Race and Social Justice in U.S. History Syllabus


Journal Entries

    1. List of Journal Entries


Unit One – From Colonies to Constitution

1. From Colonies to Constitution Homework Packet

2. The Presence of the Past

  1. Jefferson and Franklin on Diversity
  2. Interpreting Freedom of Religion – You Be The Judge


Unit Two – Expansion and Road to the Civil War

1.  Expansion of the United States and Road to Civil War Question


In class Documents

  1. Anti-Mexican American War Sentiment – in class readings
  2. Denmark Vesey and Nat Turner Slave Revolts – Ben and Tom’s Journal Entry
  3. Twelve Years A Slave
  4. The Fight For Equal Rights:  Black Soldiers in the Civil War


Unit Three – Reconstruction, The West and Industrialism

  1. Reconstruction Homework Packet
    1. In class handouts
      1. Letter To My Old Master / Edwin McCaleb Letter
      2. Booker T. Washington / W.E.B DuBois Reading
  2. The West
    1. In class handouts
      1. Circle the Wagons Boys – It’s Tourist Season:  Almo, Idaho
      2. The Rise of Anti-Mormonism (Ben and Tom’s Journal Entry)
  3. Industrialism Homework Packet
    1. Difficulties Facing Industrial Workers – In class handout
    2. Child Labor Script/Journal – In class handout
    3. Child Labor Slides (you need to choose one of these to base your journal entry on)


Unit Four – Immigration, Culture and Imperialism

  1. Immigration Homework Packet
    1. In class handouts
      1. The Devil’s Highway Excerpt
      2. A Walk Through Ellis Island
      3. Difficulties Facing Immigrants PowerPoint Slides
      4. Angel Island vs. Ellis Island Questions
      5. Who Are We: The Challenges to America's National Identity?


  1. American Culture at the Turn of the Century
    1. In class handouts
      1. The Seneca Falls Declaration and Sentiments


  1. American Imperialism in the late 19th and early 20th Century
    1. The Decision to Acquire the Philippines Documents
    2. Imperialism Cartoons (from Part V)


Unit Five – The Progressive Era – How Progressive Was It?

1.  Progressivism Homework Packet

            a.  Defining Progressivism Summaries

            b.  Bath Riots Reading

            c.  Ben and Tom’s Reading – Takao Ozawa and Bhagat Singh Thind


Unit Six – World War I and its Effects

1.  World War One and Its Effects

a.  Ross Gregory reading – American Intervention in WWI (needed for answering question 4 in “Road To World War”)

b.  Techniques of Propaganda (covered in class)

c.  WWI Propaganda Slides (needed to answer the “Analyzing WWI Propaganda” questions)

d.  Davis Enterprise WWI readings (in class handout / journal entry)

e.  Peace Goals of WWI (needed for answering “Evaluating Peace Goals” assignment)


Unit Seven – The 1920s – Roaring or Warring?

1.  1920s Homework Packet

            a.  Slang of the 1920s (in class handout, to answer Part IV in packet)

            b.  The Rise of the KKK in the 1920s (in class handout, to answer Part I, question 4)

            c.  Poetry and Music of the Harlem Renaissance (in class handout – will assist in answering questions from Part V)

            d.  Harlem Renaissance PowerPoint Slides (to answer Part V questions)


Unit Eight – The Great Depression and the New Deal

1.  Depression and New Deal Packet

            a.  Letters to Mrs. Roosevelt (in class handout)

            b.  FDR’s 1st Inaugural Address (in class handout)

            c.  Great Depression Music LyricsBrother Can You Spare A Dime, and Dust Bowl Blues (in class handout)


Unit Nine – World War II:  The War and its Effects on the United States

1.  World War II Questions Packet

2.  In class readings and handouts:

            a.  The Four Freedoms  

b.  Manzanar and Tule Lake – Japanese Internment

            c.  Minorities in WWII – Special Forces in the Military

            d.  The Story of Hiram Bingham IV – U.S. and the Holocaust

            e.  The Air War and Its Effects

            f.  Japan Bombing Statistics - Map

            g.  Atomic Bomb Questionnaire

            h.  The Decision to Drop the Atomic Bomb – Document Review

            i.  Dr. Suess Goes to War – A Review


Unit Ten – The Cold War in American History

1.  The Cold War in American History (1945-1960) Packet Questions

2.  In class readings and handouts:

            a.  The CIA and the Cold War – readings from Overthrow


Unit Eleven – The Civil Rights Movements of the 20th Century

1.  Civil Rights Questions Packet

2.  Growth of the Civil Rights Movement

3.  In class readings and handouts:

            a.  View From the Nation vs. View From the Trenches

            b.  “Blindsided By History” – Johnny Coggins and Little Rock

            c.  Integrated Prom in Georgia

            d.  White Allies in the Civil Rights Movements

            e.  Cesar Chavez

            f.  Leonard Peltier on the Trail of Broken Treaties Protest (1999)


Unit Twelve – The Vietnam War and Its Effects on American Society

1.  Vietnam War Packet

2.  The Things They Carried – alternate assignment if you do not see Platoon in class.


Research Project Handouts

    1. Research Project Outline
    2. Research Project Rubric
    3. Final Draft Expectations and Guidelines – Paper and PPT





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