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Review Sheet for World War Two and Cold War Quiz


World War Two


1.                  The Four Freedoms and Norman Rockwell

2.                  Bugs Bunny and War bonds

3.                  Casablanca Conference - significance

4.                  Yalta Conference - signficiance

5.                  John Kenneth Galbraith and the air war during WWII

6.                  Importance of newsreels on the U.S. Homefront

7.                  Dr. Suess and his cartoons on black Americans and Japanese Americans

8.                  Kamikazees

9.                  Coral Sea and Midway – significance

10.              Island hopping

11.              Office of War Mobilization, Office of Price Administration

12.              Wartime shortages and its effects on Americans

13.              Scrap metal drives – purpose and significance

14.              A. Philip Randolph and the Double V campaign

15.              Manhattan Project and Truman’s decision to drop the atomic bomb

16.              Bracero Program / Zoot Suit Riots

17.              Rosie the Riveter / Navajo Code Talkers / Tuskegee Airmen / 442nd Regiment


Early Cold War


1.                  Importance of the Yalta Conference

2.                  Early Soviet events and the American response (Cold War Battle)

3.                  Butter Battle Book

4.                  Truman Doctrine

5.                  Guilty By Suspicion and its relation to HUAC / Truman’s Loyalty Program

6.                  Marshall Plan

7.                  Berlin Airlift

8.                  NATO

9.                  Bert the Turtle and Bomb Shelters

10.              Eisenhower’s New Look program

11.              Use of the CIA during the Cold War

12.              NASA and the National Defense Education Act

13.              Interstate Highway Act

14.              Korean War – causes and why China got involved




1.  Was the United States justified in its decision to drop the atomic bomb?