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Vietnam War Magazine - Requirements and Grade Sheet


1.  Each member of the group is responsible for 2 pages of newspaper print (not including pictures).

2.  Each group should use "Times" font, and size "12", single-spaced.

3.  There must be a bibliography at the end of each article

4.  Extra credit is available for added articles or subjects.


Group Grade - All members of the group will receive these grades:

*Title (5 points)     _____________

*Layout (25 points)     _____________

*Topics (20 points)     _____________

*Creativity (10 points)     _____________

Individual Grade - Only you will receive these grades:

*Quality of Information - detail, depth and length
        of articles (85 points) _____________

*Proofread (15 points)    _____________

    TOTAL (160) _____________