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World War II - U.S. History Review Sheet

1.  Demagogue
2.  Causes for the rise of Hitler and Mussolini
3.  Reasons for the rise of Japanese militarism
4.  Munich Conference / appeasement
5.  Various actions of Hitler which showed his aggression
6.  Non-aggression pact (Hitler and Stalin)
7.  Invasion of Poland - significance
8.  Maginot Line
9.  Pearl Harbor / Mistakes made by Japanese / Aircraft carriers out to sea
10.  Internment of Japanese-Americans
11.  Korematsu v. U.S.
12.  Battle of Coral Sea/Battle of Midway
13.  WWII and African Americans, Women
14.  Yalta Conference - promises made and promise broken
15.  Battle of the Bulge
16.  Island hopping strategy
17.  Battle of Leyte Gulf / Kamikaze
18.  Manhattan Project
19.  Decision to drop the Atomic Bomb
20.  Nuremburg Trials / Tokyo Trials
21.  G.I. Bill of Rights
22.  Early seeds of the Cold War (division of Germany, problems in Eastern Europe, the build-up of nuclear weapons)