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Semester II Final Exam

Vietnam War


1.  Know the roles of Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon

2.  Ho Chi Minh Trail

3.  Geneva Accords / Paris Peace Accords

4.  Invasion of Cambodia

5.  Tet Offensive / American Embassy

6.  How the U.S. militarily attacked Vietnam – strategies and methods

7.  My Lai Massacre and its significance

8.  Ngo Dinh Diem / Buddhist policies

9.  Election of 1968 and the issue of the Vietnam War

10.  Problems faced by the United States in fighting the Vietnam War

11.  Tunnels

12.  Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

13. U.S. / Ho Chi Minh alliance and reasons for its end


Society in the 50s and 60s / Civil Rights


1.  Beatniks

2.  Abstract Expressionism

3.  Literature during the 50s as a challenge to conformity

4.  Role of Women in the 1950s

5.  Anti War protests

6.  Levittown

7.  Democratic National Convention - 1968

8.  Montgomery Bus Boycott

9.  Methods used by civil rights movement

10.  Birmingham

11.  Voting Rights Act of 1965

12.  Selma

13.  Technology in the 1950s


Cold War


1.  Marshall Plan

2.  Truman Doctrine

3.  Yalta Conference

4.  containment

5.  Sputnik vs. NASA (when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon) and National Defense Education Act

6.  NATO vs. Warsaw Pact

7.  McCarthyism

8.  Major cause of the Korean War

9.  How the U.S. government tried to ease the fears of Americans about nuclear attacks (Power Point)


World War II


1.  Manhatten Project

2.  Why Truman used the a-bomb



Great Depression and the New Deal


1.  President Hoover and the Great Depression

2.  Causes of the Great Depression

3.  Why the New Deal was supposed to solve the problems of the Great Depression

4.  Deficit spending

5.  Works Progress Administration


Roaring 20's


1.  Significance of Charles Lindbergh

2.  Youth culture in the 20's

3.  Scopes Monkey Trial


World War One


1.  Espionage and Sedition Acts




1.  Goals of the Progressive movement

2.  Why workers join unions




1.  Filipino War

2.  Causes of imperialism




1.  Reasons for and against American involvement in Vietnam

2.  Was the Vietnam War a winnable war?