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Labor Union Essays and Document Based Question
Critique and Analysis 

The labor movement in U.S. History experienced its first widespread surge in the post-Civil War era.  This surge covered the years 1865-1900 (roughly).  All unions shared similar experiences during this period.  The following Document Based Question (DBQ), is intended to help you analyze this period through the use of documents and other students sample essays.

    a.  Read the DBQ queston at the AP US History Labor Essay Question site
    b.  View DBQ documents
    c.  Critique TWO essays that are on the AP US History Labor Essay Quesiton site.  Focus your critique on the following:

          1. Is there a thesis and does it apply to the question?
            2. Are historical documents used in a substantial way to prove the position taken in the thesis?
            3. Is outside information present and does it support the position taken in the thesis?
            4. Does the conclusion do a good job of wrapping up the essay and restating the position of the

    d.  Be sure your critique shows that you've read the documents.  Your critique should show a level of analysis, not
    simply agreement or disagreement.

Now, post your critique on the Historical Development Message Board

Be sure to read at least two critiques written by your fellow students.  Leave appropriate comments (other analysis that they may have missed, positive comments - PLEASE DO NOT POST NEGATIVE COMMENTS).