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Theodore Roosevelt and Political Cartoons
An Internet Activity

Political cartoons can give us a different perspective of events, people or ideas.  Often, the viewpoint you learn about (usually a textbook's point of view) is simply one perspective of an event.  Political cartoons were usually published in newspapers and were therefore viewed by many people.

The website you are about to go to has several political cartoons about Theodore Roosevelt (cartoons range in years from 1898-1916).  Your group will be assigned ONE cartoon.  After viewing this cartoon and discussing it as a group, you should post a message on the History Message Boards which discusses:

    a.  The subject of the cartoon.
    b.  The point of view (perspective) that the cartoonist is trying to get across.
    c.  Whether or not you think it is a fair cartoon (and WHY).

When posting your message, be sure to title your link with the title of the cartoon you are assigned.

When you have finished posting your message, you should view at LEAST two other cartoons.  After viewing them, go to the message board and see what other groups had to say about the cartoon.  Post feedback relating to their interpretation.  Do you think they were correct in their analysis?  If not, say what you think the cartoon meant, etc.

Go to: Theodore Roosevelt and the Image of Empire (list of political cartoons)

Go to: 2nd Period History Message Board (to post your analysis or feedback)

Go to:  3rd Period History Message Board (to post your analysis or feedback)

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