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Review Sheet A.P. Government Quiz


Chapter Six Political Socialization and Public Opinion


  1. Political Ideology
  2. Political Socialization know the factors that influence this
    1. Effect of ethnicity on political socialization
    2. Geography effect on political socialization
    3. Religion, age, gender, media, parents
  3. The American Voter and its conclusions
  4. Public Opinons polls
    1. Random Sampling / Sampling Error
    2. Exit Polls
    3. Flaws in the process (reading)


Chapter Eight Political Parties


  1. Purpose of political parties
  2. Three different parts - party-in-electorate, party-in-organization, party-in-government
  3. Roles as linkage institutions, rational choice theory
  4. Responsible Party Model
  5. How parties have changed in strength and purpose over time
  6. Purpose of third party
  7. The fall of party machine politics
  8. Weakening of third party.


Chapter Nine Campaigns


  1. What purpose campaigns serve (aside from electing candidates)
  2. Primary process
    1. New Hampshire
    2. Flaws in primary process
    3. National Primary?
    4. Presidential nominating conventions what purpose do they serve
  3. Campaign funding
    1. Buckley v. Valeo
    2. Soft Money vs. Hard Money