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2nd Semester Final – Race and Social Justice in U.S. History

Review Sheet



  1. Purpose of the NAACP
  2. Muckrakers – who were they, what did they do?
  3. Common beliefs among progressives
  4. Eugenics movement and laws passed to support eugenics
  5. Margaret Sanger
  6. Jack Johnson and the Mann Act
  7. Coal Strike of 1902 – significance
  8. Bath Riots in El Paso
  9. Meat Inspection Act
  10. Initiative

World War One and the 1920s (new questions…this was an essay only test)

  1. Goals of Woodrow Wilson for postwar world (14 Points)
  2. Causes of the Red Scare after WWI
  3. The New Negro
  4. Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times
  5. Poetry of Langston Hughes

Great Depression and the New Deal and the Prelude to Global War

  1. Hoover’s solutions to the Great Depression
  2. Dorothea Lange
  3. Mexican Repatriation
  4. Rise of the CIO (union)
  5. Fascism
  6. Four Freedoms Speech

WWII and the Cold War

  1. Negative events to minorities during WWII – Japanese Internment, Zoot Suit Riots, Port Chicago Mutiny, Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment
  2. Double V Campaign – A. Philip Randolph and Executive Order 8802
  3. Navajo Code Talkers, Tuskegee Airmen, 442nd Regiment
  4. Examples of the fear of the spread of communism in Post WWII America – Loyalty Oath, HUAC and McCarthyism
  5. Attempts to inform Americans of nuclear weapons – Duck and Cover, If The Bomb Falls, Emergency Broadcast System,  Bomb shelters
  6. Film clips and what they showed:  Fat Man and Little Boy and Guilty By Suspicion

Civil Rights and American Society

  1. UFW – goals and tactics
  2. Effects of Woodstock, Manson murders, Altamont Music Festival on counterculture movement
  3. SDS (Students for A Democratic Society)
  4. Immigration Act of 1965
  5. African American Civil Rights Movement – Strategies and tactics
  6. Ella Baker

Vietnam War

  1. Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
  2. Ngo Dinh Diem and what he did to lose the faith of the South Vietnamese
  3. Tactics that made North Vietnam a formidable opponent
  4. Tet Offensive
  5. How the Vietnam War affected the Democratic Party in the election of 1968
  6. The draft and who questioned its fairness


Short Answer Questions


    1. Which group did was most positively affected during the era of Civil Rights reform (1954-1975)?  Which group was least affected in a positive way?
    2. Why did the United States get involved in the Vietnam War?  Discuss two reasons the United States withdrew from the war before achieving their objective.