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World War One and the 1920s Review Sheet

World War One


  1. U.S. policy to start of WWI in 1914
  2. Sussex Pledge
  3. Zimmerman Note
  4. Different causes of U.S. involvement in WWI and their relative importance
  5. Committee on Public Information (Creel Committee) and its purpose
  6. Food Administration and its purpose
  7. Fuel Administration and its purpose (Daylight Savings Time)
  8. Espionage and Sedition Act
  9. Liberty Bonds
  10. Selective Service Act
  11. War Industries Board
  12.  Fourteen Points (Wilson’s goals for peace at Versailles)
  13. What the Treaty of Versailles said
  14. League of Nations and Article X
  15. How WWI affected Russia and the United States


The 1920s


  1. The Red Scare – its causes and responses
  2. A. Mitchell Palmer
  3. Election of Harding and the “Return to Normalcy”
  4. “It’s a Gift” by Hal Roach and what it showed about technology in the 1920s
  5. Youth Culture of the 1920s
  6. Harlem Renaissance – what is was and some significant artists
  7. Heroes of the 20s – who they were and why they were so significant
  8. Charles Lindbergh
  9. Automobile – how so many were made and its effect on culture in the 1920s
  10. Negative aspects of the 1920s – Teapot Dome, KKK, National Origins Act, Prohibition, Scopes Monkey Trial, Sacco and Vanzetti, life as portrayed in Edward Hopper’s Automat and Modern Times




1.  Does the 1920s deserve its reputation as the Roaring 20s?