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Review Sheet for Reconstruction / Industrialism MC



  1. Differences between Presidential and Congressional Reconstruction
  2. Reasons for the switch from Presidential to Congressional Reconstruction
  3. Black Codes
  4. Jim Crow law
  5. Booker T. Washington vs. W.E.B. DuBois
  6. Ida B. Wells
  7. Reconstruction Amendments – 13th, 14th, 15th – what they were and what they did
  8. Sharecropping
  9. Birth of a Nation – what was shown by the video clip we watched in class
  10. Questions from Ulysses S. Grant video
    1. Grant’s Presidential slogan – what it was and what it meant
    2. Grant’s plan for the Dominican Republic



Is it fair to refer to the American West (1870-1900) as a “Geography of Hope”?



  1. Bessemer Process, and time zones – how they aided the rise of industrialism
  2. How industrialists could be considered Captains of Industry
    1. Organizational techniques
    2. Economies of scale
    3. Gospel of Wealth
  3. How industrialists could be considered as Robber Barons
    1. “American Beauty Rose”
  4. Social Darwinism
  5. Laissez faire
  6. Results of industrialism for workers – rise of tenements
  7. Child labor (Lewis Hine)
  8. Reasons for the rise of labor unions
  9. Pullman Strike of 1894 – reasons it failed
  10. Scofield Mine Accident – how workers responded
  11. Coal Strike of 1900 – reasons it succeeded