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Presidential Links

1.  POTUS (Presidents of the United States) - this site contains election results, cabinet members, notable events, links to biographies on the web, historical documents, and interesting trivia on ALL 42 American Presidents.

2.  The White House - Presidents of the United States - this site was created by the White House and has interesting trivia as well as short biographies of all the Presidents.

3.  Open Directory Project - Presidents of the United States - people contribute their own work to this site.  They compile entries for each President.  Some Presidents have a lot of entries, some few.

4.  Presidents - this site contains a lot of primary and secondary source information about each President.

5.  Presidential Portraits - this site contains the official presidential portrait for each President

6.  Grolier Presidents Online - includes election results (electoral and popular vote only), presidential biographies and articles.  Check out "Presidential Links" for specific links relating to your President.

7.  PBS "The President" - this site only deals with 20th Century presidents - foreign policy, domestic policy, historical events during their presidency.

8.  American - a general Presidential information website.