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A.P. U.S. History

U.S. Presidents Research Project


Election Statistics


Images of American Political History – site contains electoral maps.  You will need to scroll down to this collection of maps 1796-1968.

President – contains election information and electoral maps from 1789-2000.  Click on the election year on the left side of the screen.


General Presidential Information


Wikipedia’s List of U.S. Presidents – click on your President to get a reasonable overview.

POTUS (Presidents of the United States) - this site contains election results, cabinet members, notable events, links to biographies on the web, historical documents, and interesting trivia on ALL 42 American Presidents.
The White House - Presidents of the United States - this site was created by the White House and has interesting trivia as well as short biographies of all the Presidents.
Presidents - this site contains a lot of primary and secondary source information about each President.
Presidential Portraits - this site contains the official presidential portrait for each President
George Washington – Specific information for our first President!!  Thanks, Kenzie.

PBS "The President" - this site only gives brief outlines of the Presidents - foreign policy, domestic policy, historical events during their presidency.
American - a general Presidential information website. – this site organizes significant court cases by era.  Easy place to start and maybe end your Supreme Court case search.

Wikipedia’s List of Significant Supreme Court Cases – nice list of significant Supreme Court Cases.  You’ll need to choose the Chief Justice for your era

Digital History – Landmark Supreme Court Cases – a little more summarized…you may want to go back to Oyez for a better summary of the case.


Time Magazine’s 10 Most Notorious Pardons – it’s only 10…but it’s a start.

Wikipedia’s List of Significant Pardons


The American Presidency Project and Executive Orders – easy to search listing of over 3000 executive orders.  Only goes back to John Quincy Adams.

The Donnelly Collection of Executive Orders – ALL Presidents…the only thing is this group has chosen which executive orders to highlight.


Historical Events of the Time Period


History Channel – Contains general historical timelines for all decades.  You’ll need to select a century and then you can select by decade.

Time Capsule of the 20th Century – contains general information for the 19th and 20th centuries.  Just enter a date.

U.S. History Time Line – contains general information about decades in U.S. History.  Might be a good starting point to find significant domestic events.

American History Timeline – divides events into categories:  Native American, Planetary (World), Technological, Cultural, Popular.




Harper’s Weekly Online – go to “more features” and check out Political Prints 1776-1876.  This has political cartoons for this entire period.  Also, simply try searching “Cartoon of the Day”.  Or, check out the numerous other “features”.