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  Internet Lessons

(updated 2/7/08)


U.S. History / A.P. U.S. History

Each of the following represents a "guided" internet lesson.  Follow the directions and chosen links to complete each assignment.

        1.  Civil War Internet Research Project

        2.  Child Labor Political Cartoons look at the Progressive Era Worksheet for the questions.
        2.  Theodore Roosevelt in political cartoons (1898-1916)
  The Meaning of Lindbergh's Flight (1927)
  The Stock Market Crash of 1929 and The New York Times headlines (1929)

        5.  The New Deal A New Day Dawning
        6.  Proper or Impropaganda:  A Tour of the WPA and other sites


U.S. Government


      1. Interest Group Online Activity

      -          Democracy in America portion of the assignment

-        The American Citizen  - Interest Groups in American Politics - list of online interest groups


      1. Civil Liberties / Civil Rights Supreme Court Case PowerPoints

Oyez. Org excellent website that gives short and understandable summaries of many significant Supreme Court Cases