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Industrialism and Immigration Review Sheet

Multiple Choice

1. dumbbell apartments / tenements

2. Problems / solutions for child labor

3. ethnic communities as a problem and solution for immigrants

4. Three ways to become a legal immigrant to America

5. How cities allowed industrialism to occur

6. Sherman Anti-Trust Act

7. Social Darwinism / laissez faire

8. vertical / horizontal integration

9. Benefits of corporations

10. stock / dividends

11. Key inventions of the industrial age (Bessemer process, Edison, etc.)

12. Captain of Industry vs. Robber Baron

13. Gospel of Wealth

14. Ellis Island

15. conspicuous consumption

16. settlement houses

17. Old Immigration vs. New Immigration

18. Theory of Social Darwinism

19. Nativism

20. parochial schools

21. padrones

Reading - the whole reading can be tested but look to these areas in particular

1. Know what periods were large immigration periods for certain nationalities

2. Reasons people oppose immigration

3. Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986


1. Captain of Industry or Robber Barons?

2. Which was easier for immigrants? Current or łnew˛ immigration?