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Immigration and Industrialism Review Sheet                    




  1. Ellis Island
  2. Different programs/viewpoints in response to massive immigration
  3. Immigrant living conditions
  4. Ethnic communities
  5. recent immigration trends – look at America:  Still a Melting Pot
  6. Specific groups: Chinese, Vietnamese – why they came, difficulties they faced
  7. Old Immigration (1840-1890) vs. New Immigration (1890-1925) – look at chart on pg. 212
  8. Current ways for immigrants to become citizens




  1. Why the growth of cities was important to industrialism
  2. Technological developments and industrialism – standard gauge, time zones, Bessemer Process – why it was significant
  3. How monopolies were created though horizontal and vertical integration
  4. Government’s role in industry
  5. Sherman Anti-Trust Act
  6. Economies of Scale
  7. Stocks and bonds – reasons for investment
  8. Robber Barons vs. Captains of Industry
  9. Rockefeller and Carnegie
  10. Gospel of Wealth
  11. Social Darwinism
  12. Who wanted to end child labor and how they did it
  13. Issues which led to the rise of unions and union success/failure
  14. Rockefeller’s American Beauty Rose
  15. Tucker
  16. Scofield Mine Accident – results
  17. Social Gospel what it was
  18. Improvements in the physical layout of cities