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Industrialism and Immigration Review Sheet

Multiple Choice


1. tenements
2. Political machines - problems they created and who they helped
3. ethnic communities as a problem and solution for immigrants
4. The three CURRENT ways to become a legal immigrant to America
5. Ellis Island (what it is and when it was created
6. settlement houses
7. Old Immigration vs. New Immigration (know the dates which EACH occured
8.  Reasons people oppose immigration

Victorian Age in America

1.  Cult of Domesticity
2.  Sapho and the reaction to the play
3.  Francis Benjamin Johnston
4.  Marquis of Queensbury rules
5.  Ragtime
6.  Entertainment of the Victorian Age - was it truly "victorian"
7.  "Gibson Girls"
8.  Women's reform movements - suffrage, WCTU
9.  American Renaissance during Victorian Age - new technology, new roles for women, etc.

New Imperialism in America

1.  Reasons for American imperialism in late 1800's
2.  Anti-Imperialists and their arguments
3.  Factors leading to the Spanish American War
4.  Land gained by defeating Spain in the Spanish American war
5.  Importance of the voyage of the U.S.S. Oregon
6.  Filipino War and what the U.S. should have learned from this conflict
7.  Panama vs. Nicaragua as canal sites
8.  Why the U.S. supported the Panamanian revolution
9.  The building of the Panama Canal - Facts (for example, how long is it?)


1. “Immigrants faced so many difficulties that there was little chance for them to succeed in America.”  Is this a fair statement?

2.  Was America justified in becoming an imperialist power at end of the 1800’s?