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The West and Industrialism - A.P. U.S. History Review Sheet 

Multiple Choice

1. Oklahoma Sooners
2. Horatio Alger
3. Trusts (what they are) / Sherman Anti-Trust Act
4. Supreme Court decisions and the Sherman Anti Trust Act / In Re Debs
5. Horizontal / Vertical Integration
6. Buffalo Bill’s Wild West
7. Reservation policy / Indian Wars / killing the buffalo
8. Assimilation
9. Ghost Dance
10. Homestead Act / problems with the act / problems faced by Homesteaders
11. “Yellow Dog” Contracts
12. Dawes Act
13. Reasons unions failed
14. Knights of Labor / National Labor Union – what they were and what their similarities were
15. Pullman Strike – how it was broken
16. Interstate Commerce Act
17. Causes for the rise of industrialism
18. Methods used by the great industrialists
19. Justifications used by the great industrialists


1. Labor Unions

Short Answer

1. Fate of Plains Indians and why this fate occurred
2. Factors and their relative importance in causing the rise of Industrialism in the late 1800's