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Review Sheet for Colonial America 1607-1776 Exam


Multiple Choice


  1. Colonial government structure in Virginia
  2. Why the colonists moved toward independence rather than reconciliation
  3. Problems facing the colonies during their early years (1607-1650)
  4. Similarities and differences between Sugar Act and Stamp Act
  5. Treaty of Paris 1763 and 1783
  6. The Coercive Acts what the purpose was and how Americans responsed
  7. Differences and similarities between Pilgrims and Puritans
  8. Religious tolerance and intolerance in the colonies (where it occurred and why)
  9. Why Parliament repealed Stamp and Townshend Acts
  10. Albany Plan what it was and what it came to
  11. Mayflower Compact
  12. Restoration Kings who they were and what they did
  13. What led so many to be willing to be indentured servants
  14. Navigation Acts what they were and what the colonial reaction was until 1763
  15. Great Awakening and its preachers what it was, what its effects were, what they taught
  16. Mercantilism
  17. Differences in settlement patterns between Virginia and New England
  18. The evolution of colonial thought towards Parliamentary powers 1765-1775
  19. Stamp Act Congress, circular letters, and committees of correspondence similarities and differences
  20. State constitutions what was conservative and what was revolutionary
  21. Political traditions as America gained independence
  22. How the revolution affected the following groups: common people, black Americans, elite (Loyalists and others)
  23. Second Continental Congress why they voted for independence
  24. Articles of Confederation what they said, and problems
  25. Declaration of Independence





1. Time period 1780-1789


Free Response


  1. One from the colonial period 1650-1763

2. One from the Revolutionary / Critical Period 1763-1787