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Review Sheet for Foundations of Government and Federalism


Principles of American Government

1.      John Locke

2.      Declaration of Independence

3.      Articles of Confederation

a.       Why it was written the way it was

b.      Weaknesses that led to its replacement with the Constitution

4.      Why Americans wanted a “Limited Government” (Abuse of power by Parliament)


The Constitution

1.      Purpose of the Constitutional Convention (Philadelphia 1787)

2.      Preamble of the Constitution – what it says, and means

3.      What has allowed the Constitution to last as a government document for over 200 years?

4.      Powers of Congress – Article One, Section 8 (know the significant powers discussed in class)

5.      Separation of Powers

6.      Checks and Balances

7.      Full Faith and Credit Clause (Article 4 of the Constitution)

8.      Bill of Rights (what they say, why they were created, when they were created)

9.      Formal vs. Informal Amendment Process

a.       Formal – Article 5 of the Constitution

b.      Informal Process – judicial decisions, everyday functions (Jim Jeffords)



  1. Define federalism
    1. South Dakota v. Dole
  2. Federalism and Funding
    1. Revenue Sharing
    2. Block Grant
    3. Categorical Grant
    4. Conditions of Aid  - Strings
    5. Mandate
  3. Democracy in America Federalism Video
    1. Welfare and Federalism
    2. Wolves At the Door
    3. Blood Alcohol Content




  1. When the founding father created the Constitution, they created a limited government?  What is limited government?  Use two of the following and explain how they serve as examples of limited government.
    1. Checks and Balances
    2. Federalism
    3. Bill of Rights