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A.P. Government

Semester Project – Writing a Bill and eCongress


Our long term project for this semester is take from the Youth Leadership Initiative.  It is called eCongress.




1.      Complete an introductory exercise to Congress and the process of bill-writing.

2.      Choose a topic for your bill


3.      Begin writing your bill.  It will contain the following information:

Introduces the bill and catches the attention of other legislators

Sponsors' Names
Identifies the authors of the legislation

Specifically mentions the nature of the problem that will be solved. 

Explains the goals of your bill.  States any previous attempts to deal with your problem.

Identifies who will receive the services outlined in your bill

Terms and Benefits
Explains the extent and duration of services provided by the bill

Fiscal Impact
Provides information on the costs of the legislation


















4.      Submit your bill for grading

5.      Present your bill to your classmates (using a Power Point presentation)


Other Information

  • This project will be completed online.  We will post rough drafts and comments to our class bulletin board.  You can work on your bill anywhere, but it will be stored on our class site online.  I will be checking on your progress after our periodic due dates.  You will also have two peer partners to review your work
  • The following information will be helpful as you decide what your bill will be:
    • Identify National Issues
      Adding a stop sign to a street in Indiana may not get the support of your colleagues in Texas.
    • Research Your Legislation
      Are you suggesting legislation that already exists?
      What opposition might your bill face from other members of e-Congress?
    • Remember the Constitution
      Congress cannot pass a law that conflicts with any part of the Constitution.
    • Measure the Cost of Your Legislation
      Offering college scholarships to every graduating senior may be appealing, but where will the money come from?
  • The grading rubric for this project is attached.


Online Resources:


Youth Leadership Institute website:





Rubric for e-Congress Legislation









Bill contains all required elements, including title, purpose,  sponsors, eligibility, terms, and benefits and finances.  Elements are in order.


Bill contains most elements, though some may be missing, incomplete, or incorrectly ordered.


Bill contains few of the required elements, or elements are largely incomplete.





Purpose including history


Purpose of the bill is clear and is related to a contemporary issue.  All text is organized and concise.  Purpose demonstrates extensive background knowledge of the issue.


Purpose of the bill is clear and is related to a contemporary issue.  Text may be unclear or poorly organized.   Purpose demonstrates basic background knowledge of the issue.


Purpose of the bill is unclear and/or is unrelated to a contemporary issue.  Text is vague and poorly organized.  Purpose demonstrates minimal background knowledge of the issue.









Bill offers an innovative solution to a significant problem.  Legislation is unique and wholly student-created.


Bill offers a reasonable solution to a problem but solution may have been suggested by another individual, organization, or in prior legislation.



Bill offers a solution to a problem that is not significant.  Solution and related work is not student-created.







Bill demonstrates thoughtful analysis of a contemporary issue and proposes an effective and affordable solution.


Bill demonstrates a moderate level of analysis of a contemporary issue and proposes a solution.  Solution may be ineffective and/or cost-prohibitive.


Bill demonstrates superficial analysis of a contemporary issue.   It proposes a solution that is ineffective, unrealistic, and/or offensive.







Research is visible and in depth.  Adequate fact and detail support the proposal. Sources are varied and fully identified.


Research is apparent.  Some fact supports the proposal, but other parts are generic and vague.  Sources are identified.



Research seems incomplete.  Not much fact to support the proposal.  Entire bill seems simplistic and vague.   Sources are limited and not identified








Shows clear understanding of the purpose, terms and finances of bill.  Understands the complexity of the topic.  Contains appropriate images which add to topic.



PowerPoint is organized, and clear.


Effectively summarizes the purpose, terms and finances of bill.  Topic is discussed, but the complexities aren’t fully established.  Contains appropriate images which add to topic


Power point is organized; it may contain too much text and presenter may read directly from slide.


Summarizes bill without reference to complexities of topic.  Images are simplistic and do not add to any understanding of the bill.



PowerPoint is incomplete, poorly organized and doesn’t assist presenter in presentation.






Penalties:  You will be docked 5 points off your participation grade for missing any project due dates (you will also be docked for any incomplete project assignment).  Most of these due dates will involve rough drafts of particular sections of your bill.





TOTAL POINTS       ____/130_




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