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Great Depression, the New Deal and the Road to WWII

Review Sheet


Great Depression


  1. What led to faith in the American economy during the 20s
  2. Buying on Margin
  3. What were the general causes of the Great Depression
  4. What was Hoover’s plan for easing the suffering of the Great Depression
  5. What was the Stock Market Crash?
  6. Why Hoover opposed direct relief during the Depression
  7. The Dust Bowl – what it was and how Dust Bowlers reacted
  8. Discrimination during the Great Depression
  9. Bonus Army


The New Deal


In general, you’ll need to know ALL 17 laws that were covered as part of the assignment:  The New Deal:  A New Day Dawning.  Remember, you can bring notes to class – but only for these laws.


  1. Fireside Chats
  2. 1st Inaugural Address
  3. Francis Townsend
  4. What relief, recovery and reform mean and how the New Deal provided them
  5. Huey Long and his promises
  6. Dorothea Lange
  7. Demagogues in America and abroad
  8. The New Deal’s impact on culture


Road to WWII


  1. Why Japan expanded during the 30s and early 40s
  2. Hitler expansion in Europe
  3. U.S. responses to both Hitler and Japanese expansion