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Current Issues / Articles Archive


1.  Link to Malcolm Browne “The Buddhist Protests of 1963”


2.  .      “American Owned” Motels – along Route 66 motel owners are highlighting that they are “American Owned” in an attempt to let prospective customers know they aren’t immigrants.


3.  U.S. History – Francis Tomosawa was an American citizen whose parents sent him back to

Japan - specifically Hiroshima – in 1941 to learn about his Japanese roots.  He lived

through the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.  This website details his story, and contains an

interview done with him in 2000.  He currently lives in Watsonville, CA.


4.      Presidential Campaign Songs - Oscar Brand.  Smithsonian Folkways records released this album last year.  It contains Presidential songs for EACH President from Washington to Clinton.

5.      Owney and American Railroads - I just went to the California History Museum and was taken by the story of Owney.  I could see this story engaging all students at some level.

6.      The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory - I was reading an article in the August 2006, Smithsonian, about the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire.  In the article they mention the website which has an amazing collection of documents and photographs.


7.    U.S. History: “The Shocking Story of Approved Killing in Mississippi, By William Bradford Huie



8.    “Jena 6” – Recent occurrence in Jena, LA, that has reignited discussions about racial double standards


Chinese Propaganda Show at UC Davis – check out this show of various pieces of propaganda. 


2. The New Deal and the Arts – this site highlights many of the different arts funded through the Works Progress Administration


3.  . Prosecuting Gay Teen Murder – link to Time Magazine’s article about the murder of 8th grader Lawrence King in Oxnard, CA.


4.      Dr. Kevin Johnson, Opening the Floodgates, on Capitol Radio (NPR) – 11/20/07

5.      10 Things Everyone Should Know About Race – a webpage produced in conjunction with

the excellent PBS series “Race:  The Power of an Illusion”.