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Antebellum America and the Civil War

Exam Review Sheet

UPDATED 10/07/03

Topics Covered – Expansion of the U.S., the Road to the Civil War, the American Civil War

Multiple Choice

Expansion of the U.S. and Road to Civil War


1.  Abolitionism
2.  How and why the U.S. acquired Louisiana, Florida, Oregon, Texas, California, Mexican Cession
3.  Election of 1860 and its importance
4.  Causes of the Mexican American War
5.  "54-40 or Fight"
6.  Missouri Compromise
7.  Compromise of 1850 – California, popular sovereignty and the Fugitive Slave Act
8.  Lincoln's position on slavery
9.  Causes of the Texan Revolt
10.  John Brown and Harper's Ferry - significance
11.  "Bleeding Kansas" and its causes
12.  Manifest Destiny
13.  General causes of the Civil War – political causes, economic causes and social causes
14.  Dred Scott decision

15.  Nullification Crisis

16.  Mountain men – what they did and why they were significant in the long run.

17.  Significance of the invention of the cotton gin

18.  Expansion’s effect on Native Americans

19.  Reasons for Mormon settlements in Utah

20.  Call to annex Cuba


Civil War


1.  Battles of Antietnam, Vicksburg, and Gettysburg - significance

2.  Native American role in the Civil War – why they participated

3.  War strategies – Anaconda Plan, cotton diplomacy, Emancipation Proclamation

4.  Advantages/disadvantages of North and South

5.  Gettysburg Address, 2nd Inaugural Address

6.  Surrender at Appomattox - significance

7.  Prisoners of War and the use of P.O.W. camps

8.  Civil War Drafts and substitutes

9.  Weapons – naval, and improvements to rifles

10.  Why so many deaths occurred in the Civil War

11.  Ulysses S. Grant – strategies (Total War)

12.  54th Massachusetts and Frederick Douglas

13.  Women’s roles in the Civil War

14.  Life in Civil War camps

15.  Sea Island Experiments

16.  Why soldiers fought – motivating factors