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Remembering and Forgetting Extra Credit:


Go to the following website:


Discovering Psychology -

Watch Episode 9:Remembering and Forgetting, and answer the following questions.Be sure to use complete sentences.


1.  What are five factors that can influence or affect memory?  (1 point)


2.  What is the purpose of short-term memory?  What are its limitations and how can we get around these limitations? (1 point)


3.  What is a peg word mnemonic?  Why can it be so useful in aiding memory? (2 points)


4.  What are schemas and how are they related to memory? (1 point)


5.  What are the three engrams of memory mentioned in the video? (1 point)


6.  What role did classical conditioning play in the experiments on memory and Alzheimerís?  (3 points)


In addition, answer the following multiple-choice questions based on video content:


  1. Why did Hermann Ebbinghaus use nonsense syllables in his research?


    1. He was following a long-standing tradition
    2. He wanted to use something that had fewer than seven items
    3. He felt relatively meaningless stimuli would give a pure measure of learning
    4. He though such syllables would be very difficult to learn


  1. According to Freud, what do we tend to do with memories that the ego finds unacceptable
    1. We discard them entirely
    2. We think of them repeatedly during the day
    3. We put them in associative networks
    4. We repress them


  1. In an experiment, participants spend a few minutes in an office and then were asked to remember what they had seen. They remembered some objects that were not present because these objects
    1. fit into their schema of an office
    2. can easily be mistaken for other objects
    3. were things that they themselves owned
    4. had strong emotional overtones


  1. Franco Magnaniís paintings of an Italian town show the dual processes of remarkable accuracy and significant distortions. According to Professor Zimbardo, these distortions are caused by
    1. artistic intentions
    2. selective forgetting
    3. Magnaniís need to repress some material
    4. Magnaniís boyhood perspective


  1. What causes the memory loss seen in Alzheimerís patients?
    1. Anxiety leads to functional amnesia
    2. Chemical poisoning temporarily disrupts memory circuits
    3. Brain tissues dies away
    4. Repression causes forgetting


  1. Which mnemonic technique encourages learners to associate list items with familiar places?
    1. Link method
    2. Peg-word system
    3. Method of loci
    4. Verbal conversation