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 American People's View of Lindbergh (Editorial view)

Lindbergh’s Friends
To the editor of the New York Times:

    A few weeks ago Mrs. Lindbergh might have said:  “Charlie, I wish you’d go out and meet some people and make more friends instead of spending all your time tinkering with that airplane.”
    Today Charlie a dutiful son, says: “Ma, meet my friends- the President of France, the King of England, the King of Spain, the King of Sweden, the American Ambassador to France, the President of Ireland, the Prime Minister of Germany, President Coolidge and....”
    Gee whiz, did any one ever have a “come-back” like that before!

John W. Desbecker.
New York, May 23, 1927

The Spirit of America
To the editor of The New York Times:

    It was not the Spirit of St. Louis that hopped off the Roosevelt Field yesterday morning to arrive at the gates of Paris this evening.  It was the spirit of America: that spirit to do and to dare which was carried across the ocean by over two millions of American soldiers in the World War: the spirit of dauntless courage and unmatched determination that guided young Lindbergh in his hazardous transatlantic air voyage, and landed him safe on the fields of the French capital in a record-breaking achievement.
    The Spirit of St. Louis is local, that of America World wide, and it was in the spirit of America that this young Lochinvar of the air came out of the West to do or die, like the crusader of old.   All honor and glory to this intrepid birdman young Lindbergh, the personification both of the Spirit of St. Louis and of the whole America.

New York, May 21, 1927.

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