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Extra Credit – A.P. U.S. History

3rd Quarter


A.  Read the selection from Tim O’Briens The Things They Carried and answer these 4 questions.  (4 points)

1.  What is the point of listing the numerous “things they carried”?

2.  What were some of the more surprising “things they carried”?

3.  How is the idea of weight used and developed in this story ("Jungle boots, 2.1 pounds")? How do you, as a reader, feel reading those lists of weight? What effect does it have on you?

4.  How did the soldiers deal with the death of their fellow soldiers?  Why did they deal with death this way?



B.  Go to the Battlefield Vietnam website.  Once you get to the front page, go to “Guerrila Tactics” link.  Read the selection and answer the following questions:  (4 points)

1.  Who were the Vietcong?  Where were they located?  What was the difference between main force Vietcong and local Vietcong?

2.  How did the U.S. actually aid in the construction of Vietcong booby traps?

3.  Why did the Vietcong build so many underground tunnels?  How did the Vietcong build the extensive tunnel system so quickly?

4.  How did the Vietnamese hide tunnels and the obvious fact that people were living in them?


C.  The Great Migration - Jacob Lawrence and the Harlem Renaissance


To access Lawrence’s Great Migration Paintings, click on the following link:


1.  Outline at least 4 basic themes found in Jacob Lawrence’s paintings.

a.  Count how many paintings fall into the themes you found. 

b.  Which theme is most prevalent?  Which is least seen?  Any themes that are not present at all?  5 points


2.  Hypothesize as to why Lawrence covered some these more or less (or not at all). 2 points