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A.P. U.S. History – 1st Semester Final Review

                                                                                                            Updated 12/3/09

Chapter 3

  1. 1st generation New England Land Settlement patterns
  2. Demise of Puritanism


Chapter 4

  1. Mercantilism
  2. American reaction to British navigation system between 1700-1763
  3. Great Awakening – what it was
  4. New Light vs. Old Light


Chapter 5

  1. Objections to the Sugar Act
  2. British reaction to Stamp Act Crisis
  3. Tea Act
  4. Coercive Acts
  5. What led the 2nd Continental Congress to declare independence


Chapter 6

  1. Battle of Saratoga - signficance
  2. Level of social revolution in the American Revolution – different groups
  3. Problems facing the Articles of Confederation government
  4. The ways the Constitution solved problems of the Articles of Confederation
  5. Bill of Rights


Chapter 7

  1. Hamilton’s reports
  2. Republicans vs. Federalists in the 1790s – what were their ideological differences
  3. Adams and the Quasi War – effect on the Federalist Party


Chapter 8

  1. Jefferson and the Barbary Pirates
  2. Non-Intercourse Act


Chapter 9

  1. The American System


Chapter 10

  1. Jackson’s role in the Bank War
  2. Trail of Tears


Chapter 12

  1. Southern defense of slavery


Chapter 13

  1. Americans and the West: 1820-1830
  2. John Tyler and the Whig Party
  3. Opposition to Mexican American War
  4. Squatter/Popular sovereignty


Chapter 14

  1. Why the Whig party began to disintegrate in the 1850s
  2. Kansas-Nebraska Act and “Bleeding Kansas
  3. Republican Party, 1860 – its position on slavery and its general platform for the election
  4. Upper South and secession


Chapter 15

  1. Civil war conscription – draft policies and exemptions
  2. War financing – both North and South
  3. National bank act of 1863
  4. South advantages over the North heading into the Civil War
  5. Women in the Civil War
  6. Antietam- 1862
  7. Confederacy relations with England and France – attempt at recognition
  8. What occurred to slaves during the Civil War
  9. Role of Frederick Douglass in the Civil War
  10. Ex Parte MilliganSupreme Court decisión
  11. General Sherman’s policy-1864


Chapter 16

  1. Lincoln’s 10% plan
  2. Differences and similarities in Johnson’s and Lincoln’s plans
  3. Black codes
  4. Results of Johnson’s Reconstruction policies for the South
  5. Events that brought Moderates and Radicals together in Congress
  6. 14th Amendment
  7. Scalawags and carpetbaggers
  8. Election of 1868
  9. Achievements of Congressional Reconstruction
  10. Length of Congressional Reconstruction
  11. Reasons Congressional Reconstruction ended and Redemption began
  12. What occurred during Redemption


Chapter 17 and PBS’ Geography of Hope

    1. Ghost Dance – purpose
    2. Frederick Jackson Turner
    3. Reasons for the end of cattle ranching and the open range
    4. What did mining, cattle ranching and farming all have in common?
    5. Friends of the Indian and their philosophy
    6. Oklahoma Land Rush
    7. Reasons for population boom in Los Angeles
    8. Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show – what was shown
    9. What led to the rapid settlement of the West?