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Review Sheet for 1950s/1960s Exam


1950s – The Age of Conformity?


1.                  Civil Rights – Jackie Robinson, Thurgood Marshall, Rosa Parks, E.D. Nixon, Martin Luther King, Jr., SCLC, “Southern Manifesto”

2.                  Little Rock and Central High

3.                  Brown v. Board of Education

4.                  Beatniks

5.                  Levittowns

6.                  “The Happy Housewife”, Playboy magazine, television

7.                  Role of religion in the 1950s

8.                  McCarthyism and the Red Scare

9.                  Betty Friedan



1960s – The Age of Upheaval?


1.                  Lyndon Johnson and The Great Society – what it was and how it got it all passed

2.                  Other movements in the 60s – AIM, Cesar Chavez, women’s rights

3.                  Specific examples of what AIM did

4.                  Woodstock Music Festival

5.                  SDS and its move to more radical groups – The Weathermen and Yippies

6.                  John F. Kennedy and his domestic policies

7.                  Critics of the Great Society

8.                  Immigration Act of 1965

9.                  Civil Rights – Selma, Birmingham, March on Washington, Black Panthers, Bayard Rustin

10.              Civil Rights laws – Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the Voting Rights Act

11.              SNCC – Ella Baker, Diane Nash, sit-ins

12.              Malcolm X

13.              War protests – why and who did it?




1.  The 1950s is often dubbed the “Decade of Conformity”.  Is this a fair statement?  Back up your stance with specific fact.

2. The 1960s is often dubbed the “Decade of Upheaval”.  Is this a fair statement?  Back up your stance with specific fact.



*OVERALL – Be sure to know your “View from the Trenches” and “View from the Nation”